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Suzanne H. Alonzo (

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Institute of Marine Sciences

University of California Santa Cruz


Nick J. Royle (

Centre for Ecology and Conservation, College of Life & Environmental Sciences

University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus

Overview: There is an increasing appreciation that organismal plasticity is fundamentally important yet poorly understood. Plasticity can hinder, accelerate and even alter the direction of evolutionary change and recent developments in neurobiology and genomics reveal a complex mix of conservation and innovation in the mechanisms underpinning behavioural plasticity and consistency. We believe behavioural ecology is poised to make important contributions to our understanding of plasticity. Yet, research on behavioural plasticity often operates along distinct and relatively isolated tracks. Our goal is to bring together researchers studying plasticity from a variety of perspectives and identify key questions and future directions.


Invited speakers include Lucy Aplin, Amanda Bretman, Bram Kuijper, Rui Oliveira, Clare Rittschof and Alastair Wilson. We hope participants will share their varied perspectives and methods, draw connections across different approaches and establish new interactions and collaborations that will lead to novel and exciting future work in this area.

A PDF of the schedule and speaker

abstracts is available here:


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